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What are bots? are they safe?

What are bots?

Bots are programs that users have created to help them or entertain them in their discord servers such as banning members that may not be behaving, Playing music in voice channels, Creating log channels so members/staff can keep up to track with whats happening in the server

Are bots safe?

Yes, Bots are safe and cannot hijack your account, Unless you click on a suspicious link that the bot sends you. If you find that a bot is acting suspicious you can report it at Trust and safety by clicking Here

What else can bots do?

Bots can do a wide task of jobs the most common jobs are Moderation (banning, Kicking, Muting, players) Fun (8ball, Music, RPS) And many other jobs, One of my favourite bots to use is dyno bot, This is one of the most popular bots that is in over 600 thousand servers

Can I create a bot?

Yes! Although you will have to code the bot yourself. If you still would like to go ahead continue reading and I will guide you through the basics Users are able to create their own bot by creating their own developer application by going to this website When you go to this website you will be presented with this screen *I have already created a few appications so it may look different to what you see

Next step is to click the plus. Then input a name and put in a image if you would like. Then click create app.

Your next step is to scroll down until you see create bot user

When you have successfully created your bot account you will need to invite it to your server. You can do this by clicking on generate oauth2 link

Copy the link then paste it in a new browser and you should see this appear

Select your server then click authorize. If you cannot see any servers it is because you do not own your a server

My bot is offline how do i make it go online?

At the moment I am not going to create a blog on how to make a fully operational bot. I may in th future but at the moment if you want to make your bot work you can read the guide located Here