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How do i redirect a sub domain to take users to my discord server??

How do i redirect a sub domain to a discord server?

In this guide i will be using github pages to redirect the website to my discord server

Step one: Fork my redirect repository by clicking here

Step two: Edit the CNAME file to what your sub domain will be. For my website I have done

Step three: Edit the index.html file to suit your server such as editing the keywords, title, description, and URL make sure you set the URL to a discord invite that will never expire

Step four: Go into the repository and set the custom domain to the same one you made in step two

Step five: Now go to your domain hoster such as cloudflare and setup your DNS records

Now when you successfully setup the DNS records you should be able to go to the website and be redirected to your discord server. Any issues pleaee PM me on discord Bencey_#8587