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How does discord make money?

How does discord make money?

Discord is currently valued over 1 billion dollar’s but the service is free so how do they make all that money?

Discord makes its money in various ways such as nitro which is currently 5usd a month. Nitro provides the user with global emotes (they can use emotes from other servers), Higher screenshare quality, Higher upload limit, Animated avatars, Animated emojis and a special badge that displays on the users profile.

Discord also makes its money by selling discord merchandise. such as shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatshirts, socks and beanies. You can view the store by clicking here. Discord also plans to release sticker packs, skins and other cosmetic items. But they will never charge users to use the core functions of discord or sell user data.

Just think there is about 100 million users and if they all brought nitro discord would earn 500 million dollars each month which would be 6000 million a YEAR