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What is mee6?

What is Mee6?

Mee6 is a discord bot that has multiple functions, Such as welcoming messages, Level system, Custom commands, Ban, Kick, Reddit twitch and youtube intergration,

Mee6 stats 600k+ commands used every day 1.2M active users daily 100M+ XP earned each day 20M+ Unique users using mee6

How can mee6 help my server grow?

Well, Mee6 has a custom leveling system with a built in leaderboard So every time a user sends a message they will gain 5-10 XP (There is a xp cooldown of 15-20seconds to prevent XP farming) You can also make mee6 give users roles when they have reached a certain level so users will try to get to that level for the role You could also create events so the highest level at the end of the week could get a custom rank or anything you wish to giveaway So in conclusion if you have mee6 users will start to talk more because they would want that special prize

How do I setup mee6?

I will be creating a patron only post on how to setup mee6 so if you are not a Patron I would suggest becoming one today :)

You can visit my patron Here You can invite the bot Here You can view the server dashboard Here