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Is discord safe?

Is my information safe on discord?

Yes, your information is safe on discord. Discord takes users privacy very seriously and unlike other companies they do not sell user data to other third party’s. They do not use your data in any way except using it for feature tracking. EG seeing how many times someone has used a new feature such as the games tab Discord is 100% encrypted client to server this means that every audio packet and every text message is sent through a secure connection between the user and the server. Nobody in the middle can obatin the data.

Discord does not inspect or store audio packets, they simply just make sure that the audio packets goes to everyone in your channel however they do store text messages so users who are offline are able to read previous messages and so discord employees can make sure everyone is safe

How is discord encrypted?

Discord use TLS encryption for text chat, DTLS for voice over browser, and xsalsa20 for voice over desktop app. Additionally, Voice communications are RTP encrypted over UDP. Discord isn’t open sourced and they don’t have plans for it to be, but they do have available API on