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What is a webhook?

What is a webhook?

A webhook is a easy way to get messages and data updates sent to a specific channel in your server but when you create a webhook you need to actually input it into another website so not all websites are supported by discord

Supported Github, Circleci, Datadog

Not supported Twitch, Youtube, Facebook

If you are wanting to use a webhook for something but it is not supported chances are there is a bot that can alert/update you instead for example mee6 can alert you if someone starts streaming on twitch

How to create a webhook?

In this tutorial I will be creating a github webhook so when I push a new commit it alerts everyone in my discord

  1. Open your server settings and click webhook

  2. Click create webhook

  3. Select the channel you want the message to get sent to and name the webhook then copy the link

  4. Goto your desired github repository go into settings then click webhook

  5. Click Add webhook then paste the link you copied on step 3 when you paste the link remove canary and then at the end add /github *note your link should look like this token)/github

  6. Make the content type application/json and make it send you everything

  7. Click done

Now test to see if your webhook works by pushing a random commit

Congratulations you have just setup a webhook