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Does discord have rules?

Does discord have rules?

Yes, Discord has a set of rules called community guidelines & Terms of services which can be found below



The most common rules that are broken are, Server Raiding, Selfbots, And NSFW in non labeled channels

What happens if I break these rules?

It really depends on what you have done and the severity of it for example attempting to hack another person’s account will result in immediate account termination without warning, But if you spam support with false claims it will result in a warning.

What do I do if I see a user breaking the rules?

If you see a user breaking the guidelines you can report them in two ways

Firstly before you contact the employees make sure you know how to correctly report the user by reading the guide located Here

The first way you can report the user is by creating a thread Here Only you and the trust and safety team the information will not be shared with anyone else, not even the user you are reporting so it will remain 100% confidential

The second way you can report the user is by emailing [email protected]

After you have reported the user it may take 1-3 days for employees to respond But they do not always respond when they have dealt with the user. They usually only respond if they need more proof against the user