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How do I report a discord bug?

What is a bug?

A bug is an error in the program that results in an incorrect or unexpected result such as a calculator where if you enter 1+1 it returns 5. That would be a bug.

How do I report the bug?

If you get the bug on discords website you would report the bug to support located Here

If you get the bug on the client you would join the testers server Here

What do I do when I join the server?

The first thing you would want to do is check the trello boards to see if the bug is already known. There is a board for each platform Android Desktop Ios Linux

If the bug is already on there you do not need to do anything as employees are already aware and are working out a fix.

If the bug is not on there you will need to submit the bug by creating the syntax for the bot Here.

When you have completed the syntax you will need to send it in your platforms respected channel for example if the bug occurs on android you would send the command in #android-bug-reports.

Your next step is to sit back and wait until the bug hunters examine to see if the bug is reproducible.