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Importance of server rules

What is the importance of server rules?

If you are trying to run a successful discord server you will need to have a set of rules inplace to ensure you and your members safety such as “No threatning other users”

What sort of rules can I create

It depends on what type of server you are running some servers allow users to swear and some do not. In one of my servers we have a specific channel where users are allowed to swear.

So think of a theme of what you want your server to be based on. For example….. Gaming server, So for that theme you would need seperate channels for each game, for each of those channels you would have to talk about that specific channel. Eg you are not allowed to talk about Minecraft in a Garry’s mod channel, You would not be allowed to advertise other discord servers, Be respectful of other members. And that is just three rules that were on the top of my head.

What sort of punishments should I have for members breaking these rules?

If you want to have punishments you will have to invite a moderation bot so you can punish these users. The most common bot is Dyno which you can invite Here

For minor rules such as spamming you could punish the user by warning them For major rules such as posting links to an 18+ site you can permanently ban the user

To give you an idea. When you have all your rules mark each rule as one of the following Tier 1 (Minor) Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 (Major)

So for each of the tier’s here is the punishments Tier 1 Could result in a warn Tier 2 could result in a kick Tier 3 could result in a softban Tier 4 could result in a perm ban

Could I have a template of rules?

Maybe, Depending on how cool you are ;),

In all seriousness if you want a template of rules You should consider becoming a patreon As later today I will be publishing a template of the most common rules that I use in my servers and what the punishments are.