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Importance of server staff

What is server staff?

Server staff is a group of people of your choosing that keep an eye on chat and punish the rule breakers if needed.

Why should I have server staff?

There may be times where you are not around to look at chat such as when you need to sleep. During these times members notice that you are not online and will start to break rules as they know that you will not see these messages.

How should I choose my staff?

There are many ways you could choose your staff Such as: Creating a staff application where they can apply for staff and you choose the applicants you think are best suited for the job, Choosing people that you feel have been active and understand the rules.

When I have created staff teams I have made the users apply if they meet the specific requirements. Such as no recent punishments in the last 2 weeks, Must have been on the server for 2 months, Must have a working microphone And a few others If the users meet the criteria and I think they will be best suited I will put them into a channel and quiz them on the rules to see if they understand them. If they pass this test I will promote them to being a helper, When they get helper I will watch their progress and when I feel they are experienced enough I will promote them to being a moderator?.

What is the difference between helper and mod?

In my discord server these two ranks have different permissions such as moderators can ban users but helpers cannot, Moderators can also change users nicknames.