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Discord staff breaking rules?

My staff have been breaking rules

So, You made these people staff to enforce your server rules but recently they have been breaking these server rules. What should you do?

Well the way that I deal with staff members misbehaving is in my server I have a punishment system dedicated to staff members called the 3 strike system If they break any server rules I will give them a warning- Strike 1 If they break another server rule I will give them another warning- Strike 2 If they break one more rule I will give them a one-week suspension OR demote them altogether depending on which rules they broke

There are certain rules if they break that I will demote them on the spot such as Posting 18+ links, Advertising discords, Abusing permissions and other major server rules

If they get a suspension I will remove all their perms so they cannot use them during their break, I will remove them from all staff chats.

How should I tell the staff member that they have been demoted/suspended

You will need to make the message sound professional so type up a draft that includes the following Name, Duration of suspension/Demoted, Why they are facing this action Thank you for their service/dedication towards the server

Your letter should look like this (They are being demoted for inactivity)

Hey, (user) Unfortunately, due to your inactivity towards moderating the server, I am going to have to demote you. I am sorry it has had to come to this and if your activity ever increases please don’t be hesitated to reapply and you will be welcomed back into the team Thank you for the time you have put into the server to make it safer for users.