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How to make new members feel more welcomed


Most people love to be welcomed into a server if they are new, There are many ways to automaticly make discord welcome new users when they join a new server

The default was is to use the discord join messages, Where do I begin with these messages…. Well they do the job I will give them that but some of the welcome messages are really cheesy such as

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nevermind, it’s just (user)

A (user) has spawned in the server

Where’s (user)? In the server!

It’s (user)! Praise the sun! [T]/

(user) just joined the server - glhf!

(user) just showed up. Hold my beer.

This is only a small list of all the welcome messages that discord provide by default. I mean they work perfectly But personally I do not like them and I use Dyno to welcome my members in which provides me the option to choose what the welcome message will be

How do I create a dyno welcome

Firstly make sure that dyno is in your server if not you can invite dyno Here

Next step is select the server that you want to edit

Click announcements and enter your own custom welcome message (You can also do a leaving message but that is optional) When you are creating a welcome message make sure you include {user} Somewhere in your message that is where dyno will take the user

Click update then choose an announcement channel. In my server I have a channel setup called welcome_farewell. Normal users cannot talk in this server but dyno can

When a new user joins your server they will be greeted by dyno shown below