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Wait, I can play music through discord?

How do I play music in discord?

You are able to play music in discord voice channels by using a bot to connect to youtube then play music through the bots microphone there is a bot that is my favorite for playing music

The bot I enjoy the most is using Rythm bot you can invite the bot Here This bot is able to play songs that are less than 3 hours without much lag. You are able to play songs that are on youtube, Soundcloud and twitch. Once you have invited the bot to your server there are only a few steps to start playing music

1.Join a voice channel that rhythm has access to

2.Type !play In a channel

The bot will start playing the song you have requested. If the song isn’t quite the song you are looking for you can skip the song by typing !skip or by stopping the bot altogether by sending !stop

Now that’s about it you are able to queue up music by adding more songs by sending !play again and after the first song has stopped playing rythm will automatically play the next song