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The turtle coin tip bot showcase

What is turtlecoin?

Turtlecoin is one of the many cryptocurrencies available. That is very a very profitable coin. Around the top 3-5. One of my highlights about turtlecoin is the community, The community is VERY friendly and they love to help people out and very welcoming to new members.

In the turtle coin discord server, there is a bot called tipbot. This bot allows users to give other users turtle coin’s that will send the coins to the user’s wallet or to their tip jar where they can give users turtle coin without sending coins from their main wallet to their tip jar

The original tip bot was created my madk You are able to view the original source for the bot Here The original bot is mainly coded in python, This bot links the two users wallet together and if the user has enough turtlecoin the payment will go through but if they do not have enough funds the payment will not go through the funds will also not go through if the payee does not have a wallet for the funds to go into Or if the user specified is invalid.

Canti then reworked the bot from the ground up using C# the new bot’s repository is located Here

The format of tipping a user is the following .tip the bot will either react to the message with cash if the funds went through the bot will also react with a cross if you do not have enough funds or the bot will react with a SOS if the user does not have a wallet.

The tipbot can also Give the current network hash rate of mining turtle coin, Give the current network difficulty of turtlecoin, Give current network height of turtlecoin, Give the current circulating supply of turtle coin and much more

You can read more about turtlecoin Here

You can join the turtlecoin discord Here

Turtlecoin website is located Here