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What is the Gladiator bot?

What is the Gladiator bot?

Gladiator bot is a discord bot designed so users are able to fight each other and battle to the death. The winner of each battle gets awarded approximately 30 turtlecoins (The cryptocurrency) and goes on the weekly leaderboard and the top person at the end of each week wins 10 thousand turtlecoins. The developer of the gladiator bot is Rynem#6791 who coded the bot in javascript which can be found Here

How does the bot get all the turtlecoins?

The bot gets the coins that go towards the prizes by users donating turtle coins directly to the bots tip jar. The bot was initially funded with 250 thousand turtlecoins and then shortly after the bot had 100 thousand turtlecoins deposited

The bot also gains coins by users buying potions for 150 turtlecoins and buying stat points for 300 turtle coins each of these stat points can go into strength, defense or agility

There are approximately 500 to 750 battles fought each week.

What are potions

Potions are items you can purchase for 150 turtlecoin that can heal you for 30hp and there is a 5% chance to heal you for 100hp

How to battle users?

To start a battle you will need to challenge a user in the Colosseum channel by typing *challenge {user}. The user then has 1 minute to accept, If the user does not accept in 1 minute the challenge request will timeout

When the user accepts the request the battle begins. There are three commands you can use to attack

*head - This command is the most lethal (50 damage) But has the lowest accuracy of 10 percent

*body - This command does 30 damage but has an accuracy of 33 percent

*legs - This command is the least lethal (10 damage) But has the highest accuracy of 80 percent The first person to kill the other user wins.

Some of the ways you can win are by getting 2 headshots, 5 body shots or 10 leg shots. Or my mixing them all together

Stat points

Each strength stat can increase your damage output by 1hp per attack

Each defense stat can decrease the amount of damage you take by 0.9hp

Each agility stat can increase the chance of hitting your opponent b 0.1%


There are also some other commands you can use such as

*spectate = Announces who is currently battling

*taunt = Taunts your opponent with a random insult

*stock how many potions and stat points you have available

*leader = Shows the leaderboard with the top 10 gladiators

*Level = Reports your current Level, Win Streak and Total Wins and Losses

*Bow = Prepare to fight your opponent in hand to hand combat!

*Shoot = Nock your bow and arrow and see if you can take that smile off their face! (Not a battle command)

*Balance = Returns the bots current prize fund balance,

So what are you waiting for? Join the server Here And start fighting

The gladiator bots website is located Here

You can view the gladiator bots source code Here