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Discord outages

What is a discord outage?

A discord outage is when there is a system malfunction with any of the hosting services such as Cloudflare, Discord HQ, Or even with Google itself. As I was planning this post (17th July) Discord suffered a system outage and when the uncovered what was causing the outage they realized that it was an issue with google cloud platform. This issue shutdown many discord servers for several hours

How do I know if my server is affected by an outage?

If your discord server is affected by an outage the server icon will disappear off the server list and at the bottom, there will be an ! saying how many servers are affected by an outage

How do I know if discord is having an outage?

There are multiple websites that you can check to see if discord is having an outage such as

Discord This is the most accurate website as this is updated by official employees of discord. On this website you can also check to see if the API is having outages, What the response time is, If the voice communications are working correctly and if any regions are affected, If the media proxy is having issues, If Cloudflare is having issues



Most issues are fixed within a few hours so no need to panic just go do something else until it comes back online

Some outages don’t even affect servers. Sometimes they just affect message sending so when you try to send a message it fails. A couple days ago I encountered an outage where it didn’t stop me sending messages but instead, it duplicated every message I sent