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Discord rich presence

What is a Rich presence on discord?

A rich presence is an integration that allows users to find out more information about what their friends are playing such as, What game they are playing, What stage they are on, How long they have been playing the game for. And sometimes there is even a function to directly spectate the user. But not all games support rich presence there is currently only 20 games that support rich presence without any extra add-ons some of these games include

Payday by Overkill Unturned by Smartly Dressed Games Brawlhalla by Blue Mammoth Games

There are some applications that you can create a rich presence by installing an addon such as visual studio code.

What does a rich presence look like?

Here are some examples of what a rich presence could look like

Here is some feedback from game developers about the rich presence

“Both players and our internal staff appreciate the way Discord creates an easy to use intimate channel of communication as well as a great integrated way to play together.” PAYDAY 2

“The Rich Presence integration enables our players and communities to engage in more ways with each other and the game.” BATTLERITE

“Discord’s Rich Presence gives our community a space to rest, relax, chat, share, and jump right back into the world of Rivellon together!” DIVINITY: ORIGINAL SIN 2

How do I create a rich presence?

If you are a game developer or even a hobbyist that wants to create a discord rich presence you are able to create one by going to developer docs on discord’s website located Here