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Channel organization

Channel organization

People think that organizing your discord server isn’t that important but I say it is. Organising your discord channels can help people find important messages or server rules easier for example on my server I have this setup

On the top of my server, I have all the important channels such as announcements, changelogs, greetings, GitHub and incidents channels I want these channels to be at the top because these are all information channels and I want these channels to be the first thing users see when they join my discord.

In the middle of my server, I have all the communication channels such as general, suggestions, and support. I want these channels to be in the middle because these channels will be the second thing that users see when they join my server and this is where they will be able to communicate with other users.

And lastly, at the bottom of my server, I have all the misc items such as voice channels, staff chat and any of my testing channels. I have these at the bottom because these channels are not mainly used by members in my discord.

The main issue I have seen in discord servers is that they have their voice calls at the top of their server. This isn’t an issue if your server has like 3 members but when your server grows the more people that are in the voice call at a time the more the channels get pushed down

Another issue I have seen in some discord servers is the number of channels they have in their discord. Most of the time this can be a hassle for new members because they don’t know what channel is used for what. When I setup servers like these I always use a bot like Dyno so users can self-assign a role if they want access to a certain channel so when new users join if they want access to the programming channel they would type in a bot channel ?role programming so they have access to the programming channel.

A good idea when creating your discord server is to use categories so you are able to organize these channels better. Some of the categories I have is important, discussion, voice chat and staff and then I will move all the channels into their category eg move all the voice chats into the voice chat category, Move all the chat channels into the discussion and move all the staff only channels into the staff category