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Ways to advertise your server

Server advertising

If you want to gain more members there are ways to advertise your server so new people can join your server some of the ways include

Asking your close friends to help advertise to their friends, Another way is to Send the discord invites to random people in PMs but this I would not suggest as people can get very annoyed by this and is bannable in most servers this is classed as “DM advertising”

If you want to attract more attention you should plan and write a promotional message a format for this could be

Server name: Description of the server (What does your server have that other servers do not): Key features of your server: Current member count: And any other information that could help make your server stand out.

There are some discord servers that allow you to advertise your discord server I encountered one today you are able to join that discord by clicking Here

Just remember to check with server staff if you are allowed to advertise your discord server on their server to prevent you getting banned from their server

While we are on the subject of discord servers, Feel free to join my discord server by clicking Here

Also if you want members to help advertise your server you should offer rewards if they invite a certain amount of users, I once was in a server where if they invited 10 people they get a role, If they invite 25 people they get another role and if they invite 50 people they get a custom role where they can choose the name and the color of their role. Amazing right? This caused users to help advertise your server but if you do something like this it can cause users to randomly advertise your server which can cause bad reputation against your server so be careful.

There are so many other possibility’s for advertising your servers such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and so much more the possibility’s are endless.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your account being banned on any discord servers for not following the server rules