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How to get free emotes?

What are global emotes?

Global emotes are emotes that you can use in any server you want that users design, At the moment there are only two ways of getting global emotes. Buying nitro for $5usd/m Or by using a program called gamewisp.

Gamewisp is a interaction and a monetization system for streamers.

How many global emotes can I get?

Free global emotes were never meant to be a thing but discord added the permissions for streamers to use global emotes but the requirements for what discord classed as a “streamer” Was way too easy and it was easy to get global emotes. Since then discord has patched the loophole but servers that already had global emotes before the patch still allows users to use these emotes anywhere they want. So the answer is thousands you just have to find the servers that have these emojis

Is this against discord terms and services?

No, global emotes are 100% allowed on discord and is not breaking any rules or guidelines The only thing discord may dislike is you are not giving them money :P

How do I start?

The first thing you will need to do is connect your discord to gamewisp you can do this by clicking Here and then click create an account (Choose any of the available sign in methods) Your next step is to connect your discord account you can do that by going into account settings then scroll down until you see the discord application then click connect. If prompted add the bot to your server.

Your next step is to find servers that have these emotes. Luckily for you, there is a server where people advertise these servers you can join by clicking Here Then go to the #gamewisp-emote-list and look for some emojis you like and join the server (Some servers require you to stay in the server for a while or to rank up)

After you have joined these servers you will need to restart your client in order for these emojis to appear you can do this by doing ctrl+r (PC) Or if you are on a phone force close the application

*If these emotes are not there when you restart the client you may need to wait 10min otherwise you have joined a server that does not have global emotes