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Discord live chat on a website

How to set up a live chat

Firstly you would need to go to this Website and invite the bot to your server

The next step would be to go into your config or HTML file and start to write the embed the things you would need is your server ID and the channel ID you want the chat to be in

Copy this into your file

<script src="[email protected]" async>
new Crate({
  server: ‘x’,
  channel: ‘y’,
  shard: '' // Update the Cluster number
  /*crate.notify('Test notification')
  crate.on('signIn', data => {
    console.log(`Guest signed in as ${}`)
    crate.emit('sendMessage', 'Hello world')

And replace x and y with your ID’s if you are unsure of how to obtain ID’s read below

Obtaining ID’s

Firstly make sure you have developer mode on. You can enable developer mode by going into your user settings, Clicking appearance and scrolling down to the bottom *Developer mode is only available on Android devices and Pc’s discord is a bit slow on adding developer mode onto Apple devices probably because Apple is bad ;)

When you have developer mode on you will need to right click on your server icon and click copy ID now you have your server ID

Then click on one of the text channels and now you have the channel ID so now you can complete the code

Now when you go to your website you should have a discord icon in the bottom right of your screen

Thanks for reading Bencey