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Users using channels incorrectly?

Using incorrect channels

Recently I have had some users who have not been following what the channels are intended for. For example people having conversations in the suggestions channel, Users posting links in general and not in banter. Then I decided enough was enough and made an announcement saying to follow what the channels were designed for. Then listed what each channel was designed for and if they continued they would be warned and after that they would be kicked from the server.

After I made this announcement users slowly started to use the channels correctly. Just remember don’t be too harsh in the first few days of the announcement as users may forget to use the channels correctly. Just politely mention to them “Hey, next time make sure you use the correct channel :)”

A common list of what channels could be used for is

General (Where you can discuss things related to whatever your server is about gaming music etc)

Off topic (Where you can discuss things unrelated to your server And where you can post links and images)

Bot commands (Where you can use commands for the server bots)

Suggestions (Where members can suggest ideas for your server)

And many more.

Ways to remind users about what channels are for could be By making what the channel is used for the channel topic Or by writing a message about what the channel is used for and pinning it