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Weekly update 23rd August

Weekly update 23rd August

Hey all!, Im going to be trying something different. I will be starting weekly blog posts on what I have been upto this week this could include: Bot updates, Server updates, Discord updates or even just updates about my life Want to see more of these? Feel free to message me on discord Bencey_#8587 Or by joining my server and giving me feedback.

Bot updates

This week has been one of the busiest weeks for my bot development. This week I have made the following changes to my bot

I now am able to host my bot on a VPS (Runs 24/7) Thanks so much for the codpool for giving me this opportunity :), So I will be hosting the public bot on the vps and keep my beta bot on my normal hosting software

I have added a more reliable way of gaining XP (points) and levels using enmap. I have released this feature to my public bot and can view the top people in the server…. Funny story I just actually looked at my bot now and tried to do ^leaderboard and noticed the points seem a bit off so after looking into it I realise that the bot only records points if They use a command. So I guess i’ll have to fix that after I publish this post. (edit) After publishing this post I went and looked at the code and realised that it was not working because when I changed my events file (You will learn more about this later) I merged two message events together one had the xp system and the other did not. When I merged the two together I forgot to remove the code that ignored all messages that did not begin with the prefix. So when It ignored the messages it did not give xp to the user. Silly me

The current plans I have for my bot are as follows Merge my gotpvp channel bot into my public bot So I dont need to refresh the channel bot every 12hours which becomes a hassle when people try to use it when Im asleep/away

Create a starboard so users can star messages that they find funny or important

Create a music feature which includes users being able to play music from youtube through a discord voice chat.

Tidy up my code and make the embeds look more tidier..

Two days ago I decided to tidy up my main bot file by putting all the events into seperate files If you dont know events are functions that allow the bot to do certain things, Such as the ready event activates when the bot turns on, The messageDelete function activates when a message gets deleted etc. So anyways when I was putting all these events into seperate files I had some issues due to the tutorial I was following had incompatible code with the way I setup my bot. So after two hours of troubleshooting I finally managed to get the bot working again

I hope you all enjoyed this post and remember if you want to see more of these please shoot me a PM or use the contact forum located Here I would love to write more but my school bell is about to ring

Enjoy! Bencey