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How to make admins in your discord?

I recently met someone who was unaware on how to give someone admin perms in their server. I will be discussing how to give people admin or mod

Making the role

Firstly you will need to create a role, you can do this by going to server settings then click roles. Then click the + and name it Admin (Give it a color if need be)

So on discord there is a hierachy in the roles so the top role has the most “Power” Unless you are the admin and the lowest has the less power. You cannot use your permissions against people higher than you. Eg a mod cant ban an admin. And mods cant give themself admin

The permissions the role need is

  • Administrator

  • Display differently from online members

If I make a moderator role here is the permissions I will give them

  • Display differently from online members

  • Manage messages

  • Kick members

  • Mute members

  • Deafen members

  • Move members

And thats it. In a normal server such as mine here is the role order I use





Everyone else

To give the role to someone you need to click on their name and click the + then give them the admin role