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Server Theme

What is a theme?

A theme is an idea or subject that something is about. For example the theme of my blog is Discord. The theme for a book is the main plot

A good idea for your server is to have a theme such as what you want your server to be about. Some servers have themes such as. Gaming, Development, Dating (Weird Ikr) and much more

When you have decided on what your theme is about then you should start thinking about how your server is going to be made. a key tip is you want your channels to match your theme. S bad idea is if your theme is child friendly and you add a NSFW thats not good

Correct way

Gaming theme- Text channels for different games

Education theme- Text channels for different subjects

Incorrect way

Sports theme- Text channels for video games

Themes can help make your server be more organized. Unless you want your server to have multiple themes I suggest sticking to your main idea. Dont get me wrong if you want to make a server thats based around gaming and sports do it. Its a great way to get people to socialize about different things.

Some other things that can match your theme is server roles.

If your theme is for example medieval your roles can go something like this

King- Owner

Queen- Co-Owner

Prince- Admin

Guard- Moderator

And some level roles can go something like this

Knight- Level 20

Armourer- Level 15

Baker- Level 10

Butcher- Level 5

I hope this makes sense on how server themes can help make your server feel more organized

Thanks for reading!