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Weekly Update 30th August

Hey! Welcome back readers for my second weekly update on what I have been up to this week lets jump straight into it

Before I begin talking discord stuff let me tell you all what I was up to during the weekend… So last weekend I went on a cub and kea camp. At this camp was 30ish kids aged 5-10 This camp was one night and it was fantastic not only did I manage to have a great time but I also managed to get to know some of the keas that will be becoming a cub next year. I always enjoy going to these types of camps as I always walk away with more knowledge. This camp was especially special to me as I got awarded my activity program leader certificate and redid my scout promise. Once again such a good camp. If you aren’t involved with your local scout troop/group I would highly suggest doing so. Now let us begin with the discord stuff

This week I have released three new articles on my blog

Number one

Number two

Number three

Phew, It’s been a busy week for the development of bencey bot. If you haven’t been watching my discord server here is a recap of what I have been up to

Music commands- Over the past few weeks, I have been developing a set of music commands so you can listen to music on your server using my bot. Here is a list of the music commands I have added:

^play- This command plays the specified song

^skip- This command starts a vote skip

^queue- This command shows the songs in the queue

^pause- This command pauses the current song

^resume- This command resumes the current song

^volume- This command changes the volume of the bot

^leave- This command makes the bot leave the voice channel

^search- This command searches for a song of your choice

I believe this is all of the music commands. This has been a very challenging task and I am still finding little bugs so at the moment the music commands are only on my beta bot. I will try to get these features released sometime today.

Other commands- Over the past few days I have been creating some other commands to see how many messages have been sent in your server and globally (Other servers the bot is in) These commands are the following

^mostactive- This command shows the top 10 most active users in the guild and how many messages they have sent

^messages- This command shows how many messages you have sent in the guild and how many messages you have sent globally

^slot- This command will let you gamble points that you gain from talking in chat This command is still a work in progress as I need to edit the winning’s

As you can see I have been working on a lot this week. I will try to get these updates on the public bot when I can but if you cannot wait and want the features early you can donate to my patreon and get the beta bot Here I have just worked on the ^help command. You cant notice anything major it was mostly just me updating the back end to condense the number of lines of code I was using

Thanks for reading I’ll see you next week