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What does bencey mean

What does bencey actually mean?

Hey all, A few of the readers have been asking me what does bencey mean and why is it my username so this blog post will be a offtopic post and I will be talking about my username history and why I have the username I have today

So I have had this username for about three years now. So one day I was playing some computer games with my friends that I know in real life and we decided for a laugh to all change our usernames to similar things. The common thing was cey_ So one of my friends decided to change their name to primcey_. Another friend decided to change their name to dacey_ Dacey_’s sister changed her username to trancey_ So now very recently my siblings have also just changed their names. My younger brother has changed his name to Rycey_ And my other brother has changed his name to _Spicey_ So that is what the cey_ means in my name but what does the ben mean?

So if you do not know my real name is benjamin/ben So what is what the ben means in my username.

So once again here is a list of all the cey_ members Bencey






I hope you enjoyed this post if you want to see more miscellaneous posts like this be sure to let me know

Thanks for reading Bencey