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How to list your server

How to add your server to a

If you want to gain more members you can add your server onto some websites that display your server on your website (Similar to how my bot is listed) In this guide I will explain how to add your server to these websites.

The first website I will be looking at is discordbots You can view the server list by clicking Here. The first thing you will need to do is login into the website using discord. When you have logged in you will need to add their bot to the server you would like to list on their website, you can invite the bot by clicking Here. If the server you are wanting to list is not on their make sure you have the manage server permission (If you are not the owner). When you have invited the bot you will need to go to your profile by clicking Here Make sure you are signed in. Your next step is to click edit on the server you are wanting to list on their website and fill in the blanks. MAKE SURE THE INVITE IS PERMANENT. Now when you have filled out the forum ensuring that the invite is permanent and the short description is less than 140 words click Submit. Then your server will be added to their website Congrats :)

Now there are lots of other websites you can list your server on but If I talk about them now I would be talking for a long time and you wouldn’t want a long blog post would you ;) But if you do want to find more websites just search on google “Discord server lists” There are also even some websites that let you bump the position your server is on (Bump to page one) Every 24 hours

While we are on the topic of server listing I have just listed my server on you can view my listing by clicking Here. Share this link with your friends :)

Once again thanks for reading Bencey_