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Weekly Update 3

Weekly update #3

Hey! Welcome back readers for my third weekly update on what I have been up to this week. lets jump straight into it without delay

Beta bot

This week I have been working on my beta bot specifically and what happens if you get the beta bot (Only accessible to patrons) I have been working on a list of perks that you get such as

Access to a secret server where I will discuss upcoming commands and ask for your opinion on them

Access to a special tag on my public server to show how much you support me

Access to music commands :)

And many more. You can view the full list of perks Here.


Wow! Thank you so much bruce, You are my first ever patreon. You don’t know how much your support means to me and without you I probably wouldn’t be continuing with this. Along with funky penguin you also have helped me so much and literally without you (And your wallet) I Would not have this awesome website and domain. I will most likely be making a post on all my shoutouts so stay tuned :)

Anyways back to patreon. This week I have made a few changes to what you recieve when you become a patreon such as

You now receive the bot code and beta bot at $10/m instead of $15/m

When you receive the beta bot you also get access to the beta bot server

When you become a patron I create a post thanking you for you donation for everyone to see :)

If you don’t want to pay per month you can also send funds to my paypal account [email protected] And then PM me on discord how much you sent and Ill hook you up with some perks :)

Server updates

I have made a few server updates such as getting my first moderator for the server.

Lili#0053 is The first moderator for my server. Her job is too keep an eye on the chat when I am asleep or busy doing irl things Please make Lili feel welcome as she is here to make you are safe while being in my server.

Once again if you have any suggestions please dont hesitate to join my discord and use #suggestions These suggestions could be anything such as patreon perks, New posts, Bot changes (But keep them appropriate)

Thanks again for reading see you next week