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Exile or Mute?

Exile or Mute?

Recently I have seen some servers that have different ways of punishing people (Not including bans and kicks) the two ways are muting and exile/prison.

What is exile?

Exile is when you apply the exile role to a specific person so they cannot see any other channels except for #exile which they can talk in. And then the person who exiled them will either get them to do a specific task in order to get out or when they feel they are ready to be released. I’ve seen a server where you had to fold origami in order to get out of exile. Some advantages of this can include: Decreases the chance for users to break a rule again as they learnt their lesson (Hopefully) by staying in exile for a long period of time. Some disadvantages of this could include the users leaving and rejoining the server so they do not have the exile role. But I have seen some servers where if you leave to escape exile you will be permanently banned from the server. Also Dynobot has a role persist command so if you rolepersist the user the role will stay with them if they rejoin the server So them trying to escape will not work. There is a server that I am in that has a guide about how exile works in their server you are able to find the guide Here


Majority of servers mute members instead of exile as it’s quick and easy. Most servers have a list of mute times for example your first mute would be 15min, 30min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour etc Sometimes muting does not work as when they are unmuted they will just break another rule because they know what the next punishment is.

So whats the major difference between the two?

So the major different is that Exile could be for any length of time intil the staff member feels that the user has learnt their lesson. And muting is for a specific length of time and then is allowed to talk after they have served their time

What do I prefer?

In all honestly I prefer the muting system but recently I have been planning a way to use both methods in my server. So depending on what rule the user breaks is what they will be given (Either a mute or exile). So stay tuned and if this is successful I will make sure to tell you how to use both.

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