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Weekly Update #4

Hey all welcome back to another weekly update post. In all honesty this week has actually been pretty quiet so this post wont be very long but lets get straight into it


Over this week I have been taking my mid year exams, So this has been taking up much of my time that I usually make changes to my bot or create blog posts. So don’t worry if there hasn’t been many changes Im still doing this blog. As I am writing this I have actually finished all my exams so next week the activity should go back to normal.


I haven’t really added any new content to the bot but this week I had a major issue with the points system which made it so whenever someone left the server it corrupted the points data, Thanks to Youssef we managed to fix this issue. Now i’m just trying to fix the leaderboard as sometimes it does not sort correctly.


Since the last update I have published one blog post. This blog post is about muting and exile and what the difference is between the two. You are able to read the full blog post Here. I am currently planning another blog post that will either come out today or tomorrow :)


I have recently been accepted as staff on another server. This server is called pancake mania, This currently brings my total servers that I have moderated/moderate to 9.

I am currently setting up another server that I will not be adding to my resume due to privacy reasons.

Once again it’s been a pretty quiet week so there is nothing really else to say. Thank you for reading this weeks update post.

Thanks for reading.