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Hosting events


What are events and how can they help my server?

Events are competitions that you can host daily, weekly, even monthly (Or if you want to be funny you could host them yearly :P) Events can help your server because it gives users something to do in your server and could even attract more members, you can even reward members if they win the event. Some events that I have hosted/have seen being hosted are: Karaoke, Riddles, Active user, and many more

When I host events I tend to promote users to “Event” manager. And their job is to run events when they feel enough users are online.

When I host riddles I create a new channel called Events. I then post a riddle in that channel and give users one day to look at the riddle and PM me the answer, when the day is up I look at my pm’s and see who got the riddle correct and post in the channel “Time is up the winners are xxx, the correct answer was …..” if no one got the answer correct I would post “No one got the riddle the answer was xxxx, Better luck next time”

If I host a karaoke session, which I don’t host often because it is very risky when it comes to users disrespecting other users, what I will do is I will tell everyone that there is a karaoke session in music voice channel on xxxxxx and give the users a few rules such as no inappropriate songs, be respectful to other users, no put-downs and a few other rules. What I then do is when users are signing I will write down on a piece of paper what I rate them and then at the end of the karaoke I will tell everyone who was the top 3 people and then if people want to know what they placed they can PM me afterward.

When I host the active user event what I do is at the beginning of the week (Monday) I will post an announcement saying that the people with the most messages at the end of the week will win and then say that they are not allowed to spam and if I catch them spamming they will be Dq’d and punished, this is the easiest event to run as it requires the least amount of planning personally this is my favorite event as I do not need to do much work and I am able to do other important things while this event is underway

The prizes I award can vary some of the rewards could be: Custom role, Colored role, Free access to beta bot, Free XP and many other rewards, I tend to stay away from awarding users with real money as I have seen negative experiences with users just joining the server for real money and I dont want my server to turn into that.

Thanks for reading this short post I wasn’t in the mood to write a long post maybe later