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Frequently asked questions

FAQ/Help channel

What is an FAQ?

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions, these are questions that users of your server ask often such as “How do I apply for staff” “Where are the rules” stuff like that. There are multiple ways that you can deal with these questions, the most common one is making a list of all the frequent questions and writing the answer below it and then posting that list in a new channel called FAQ or by posting the list in announcements and then pinning that message. This is where it gets tricky on which method you want to use because the majority of users don’t actually read pinned messages and you don’t want to create a new channel for every little thing as it could make your server looked crowded. I once was in a discord that had like 20 channels and each of those channels had emojis, it did not look nice on a desktop and lead me to leaving the server due to how crowded it looked. One of the options I have been recently considering is making a bot command using dyno that you can activate by sending ?faq so if a user asks a question a staff member can send the message ?faq and then the user will be given a list of all the frequent questions and then alongside this you can post all the frequent questions in announcements or an existing channel.

Creating a custom command via dyno

First make sure dyno is on your server

Then goto and select the server you want to make the command for (Please create the list of FAQ yourself)

Next goto custom commands and in command write faq so it should look like [prefix]faq. This is the command that dyno will respond to

Now start typing in the response section. If you want the bot to ping the user when they type the command add {user} at the beginning, now type the list of all your questions and when you are finished click save (If you are an expert on markdown, dyno supports markdown so feel free to jazz it up)

The bot usually takes about 1-2 minutes to refresh, but when it does go into your server and send ?faq in a channel dyno has access to and then there you go, a custom command of questions and answers from dyno. If you require further assistance on this feel free to join my Discord And ask for help :), please note that you cannot use capitals or special characters in custom commands

What is pinned messages?

Pinning a message is a feature on discord where you can right-click a message (Or hold it down on phones) And you will be able to pin a message, when you pin a message it will be saved in that channel so users can easily access the message by clicking the drawing pin in the channel draw (Up the top) users with the manage messages are able to pin messages. Pinning is useful because you are able to save important messages especially when you send hundreds of messages in that channel and you want to easily get back to that specific message it will make your life much easier if it is pinned. But the only downside is some users don’t read pinned messages so you will find that you will be saying “Read the pins” Quite often… Enjoy :P

A format for frequently asked questions will be given to patrons shortly after this post so if you haven’t already I highly suggest becoming a patreon today you get so many awesome perks including priority support from me. You can become a patreon Here.

Help channel.

Often users require assistance on your discord server so there should be a way for users to easily get help. This is where you create a channel on your discord called #support. This is where users are able to ask questions and then get answered by staff or other users. I reccomend creating a format that users should follow to prevent users just saying “I need help” In the channel. The format could be something like this

Platform you are having an issue with (Blog, Discord etc):


Additional comments:

I suggest posting the format in the channel and pinning it, then adding the format to the channel topic and afterwards notifing users “Please stick to the format in support otherwise it will take us much longer to help you”.

If you want to have a support focused server you could create a role called “Support” Make it mentionable and then make it so users can self assign themself the support role if they want to help users. So if users need help they can ask their question and then ping the support role (Make sure you tell them abuse of the role will lead to a punishment)

This post was kindly suggested to me by @funkypenguin#7102 over at This is the person who helped me get to where I am today. He started me off my gifting me my first domain and helping me so much when I have nooby questions. Dave…. We all know windows is the best no need to lie to me :). Click Here for a laugh

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