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Weekly Update #5

Weekly update 5

Hello everyone and welcome back to another weekly update, this week has been quite busy and I’ve made a lot of changes in my server so let’s jump straight into it.


This week I have been working on a chat bridge. This bridge makes it so if I send a message on either slack, telegram, gitter or IRC it will send the message to my discord server and if I send a message on discord it will send it to all those applications. I have been working on this all week and have moved it to the VPS so it is running 24/7. You can read more about it Here. This has actually been a good project I have been working on and I quite enjoyed it, I will try to add more applications to the bridge just for the fun of it.

Oh, and I hit 50 members on my discord server :)


Over the past few days I have been fixing some bugs on the public and beta bot where if a user left the server it unorganized the leaderboard. I have pushed a fix to both bots and they seem to be running perfectly at the moment but I will keep watching it closely over the next few days and let you know of any changes.

I have added a command called ^pastebin. This command makes it so the message you send after the command eg “^pastebin Hi,” Will make the bot create a new hastebin document and paste the contents of the message in that document for you to view. I was quite bored at the time and decided to make that command it was quick and simple.

I have just added a new subdomain called This makes it so when you goto that domain you are able to easily invite bencey bot to your discord server instead of finding a server the bot is in and sending ^invite or going to the bot page on The page is live as we speak and the code is similar to except for the link that it directs you too.

Blog updates.

I have released 5 new blog posts since the last update


Mistake on bridge



Bot security

If you haven’t noticed already the widget bot (Bottom right corner on the blog) Has been down for a few weeks. This bot made it so there is a live chat on your website. The admins are aware that the bot has been down and are working tirelessly to fix the issue. I will keep you posted on this issue and let you know if any changes pop up

So I think that’s it for this week it’s been a good but busy week. I cannot stress it enough how grateful I am to you guys. Honestly, without you, I would have stopped this project by now but honestly, I’m glad I am still doing this it is awesome!. I promise I will soon release a post on people I am grateful to and possible shout-outs PM me on discord if you want to be listed in the shout outs :)

Thanks for reading