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Discord Markdown

Discord markdown

Discord supports markdown but how do you use it?

Well, there is some markdown features that discord supports such as italics, bold, code block, code line But discord does not support embed a link (Unless it is a bot) Tables and a few others. So how do we use markdown in these messages? Let’s begin

Alright so with markdown when you type a message the prefix of the markdown must be at the beginning and end of that message and the prefix must be the same.

Italics- *

Code line- `

Code block- ```

Bold- **

Italics and bold- ***

Strike through ~~

Underline __

Feel free to experiement with these markdown methods as some of them actually work together

If you are using code block you can also write js next to the first line of back ticks (Then paste code on next line) And it will upload the code like its being written on a code editor eg it will color specific words

Instead of js you could replace it with css. There is many other languages that support this feature but unfortunately these two are the only ones that I am aware of. So feel free to expereiment and let me know on discord if you find other ones I will update this post with who found what language (And possibly even a reward :) )

If you are a developer and use support channels often I would Highly Suggest using code block whenever you are uploading code lines. Some servers even have a rule that you must use code block. This is because it makes the code look neater and less cluttered in the channel.

When can I use markdown in discord?

You could use bold markdown when you are creating a title or an important message

You could use code line when you are uploading a single line of code, but to be honest, it looks nicer with code block instead of the code line.

You could use code block when you are uploading code (Like I stated earlier) Code blocks are also useful when you need to @ a user because if it’s in a code block it will not actually give them a notification.

You could use underline when you want to note important messages

You could use strike through if you want to void messages. For example if you post in announcements “First five people to message me gets a custom role” And when five people message you, you can edit the message so it says “First five people to message me gets a custom role Deal expired better luck next time”

You could use italics when you are writing a subtitle but I don’t use this often as I don’t have a need for it. Markdown was created in 2004 by John Gruber because he wanted people to be able to create easy to read essays using plain text documents. Markdown is supported on many services such as GitHub, discord, pretty sure its even supported on HTML If you want to read a cheat sheet on all the markdown you can click Here If you have any futher questions feel free to contact me on discord by joining my Server or by direct messaging me Bencey_#8587

Thanks for reading