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Weekly Update #6

Weekly Update #6

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekly update, this week has been calm but I have had a lot of new things occur so let’s get straight into it!.

Blog update

I have released two new posts since the last update one of these posts is about discord markdown and how to use it. You can read that post Here.

Another post was about a mistake I made when trying to figure out what was wrong with my bot yesterday morning I won’t spoil it. You can read that post Here.

As writing this weekly update I was thinking of new things to add under the blog update section and I just thought of something. Why not share my website stats with you and show you how many users visit my blog daily? so let me post these stats below :)

So this month I have had 55 members visit my Blog.

This week I have had 12 members visit my Blog.

And today I have had 6 members visit my Blog.

6 Of these users come from the US.

1 of these users come from Canada.

4 of these users come from the UK.

And 7 of these users come from New Zealand.

Does this seem like something you want me to carry on with? (Stats). If so please let me know I always love reading your feedback and suggestions. I pride myself on putting my community first and letting them voice their own opinions without being hated or disliked

Bot Update

In all fairness the bot has been the same all week I haven’t really had the time to release new features. The only different thing that happened was the sudden downtime yesterday. Which you can read more about Here. Once again if you have any suggestions please contact me

Discord Update

I haven’t made any major changes to the discord but I have created a partnership channel and I have partnered with two new servers. If you would like to become a partner please feel free to contact me :)

Thank you again for reading another weekly update and hopefully I will see you again soon :)