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Bot broke

Bot breaking

Woo two posts in one day you guys are lucky :).

Anyways remember yesterday how I made a post about how my token reset? Well the same thing happened to me today I thought to myself that two days in a row is not coincidental so I started looking into the issue to see what has been causing it to restart so much. At the time it was almost impossible because I was at school (Filter has blocked me connecting to outside services) and my parents were not home to turn on my pc. So I had to wait for them to get home which was about 2hours later then when I finally was able to access the terminal I added in some lines of code to tell me whenever the bot resets itself. And I noticed that I kept getting the error “Disk I/O error” So after me researching this issue I found out that the error means that there is no space available left on the device LOL. Well then… I just talked to bruce (The owner of the VPS) and he told me that all the space is going to a file called logs. For some reason every time the bot changes it logs the message and well… This was using up 55GB of space. So until me and bruce figures out how to fix this the bot will be down for a bit (I don’t expect it to take longer than 3days)

This was just a little post I wanted to make so I can keep you all informed on whats happening

Thanks for reading