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Amount of bots

Too many bots?

Many people ask me “Is there such a thing as too many bots in a server”. And the answer I give them depends on a few things. In this post, I will discuss how many bots are ok and what key ideas you should keep in mind when looking for bots to improve your community

I have seen multiple servers that have like 20 bots, this is a ridiculous amount of bots for a server. But in all honesty, if you have 1k+ members in your server you can easily get away with a lot of bots by making the bot role not hoisted.

What does not hoisted mean?

In the role settings you can give roles a permission called “Show separately from online players” what this means is on your member list it will have a heading such as an Owner and then has members with the owner role underneath that heading and if a user has no roles they will show under the online heading. So how this lets you get a large number of bots is because instead of there being a heading for bots and having like 20 users with that role crowding the member list you can make it so it shows with online members so it does not clutter the member list.

Some advice that I can give you is to see what features the bot has, such as Dyno offers moderation (banning, muting, kicking). You should only have one of these bots (Unless the bot you have chosen goes offline often and you need a backup). So you should never have for example Rhythm and Fredboat in the same server because they both offer the same features. The only reason why you should have both these bots is if you have multiple music rooms that are operating at the same time

Another piece of advice is to have bots that have good uptime, for example, don’t use a bot that’s offline 5 days a week as you will only be able to use the bot two days a week which isn’t a lot.

A good set of bots for a server would include a moderation bot, a music bot, a fun bot, a level bot, and a few misc bots.

I hope you enjoyed this post thanks for reading