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Weekly Update #7

Weekly update 7

Hey all, welcome back to another weekly update. This week has been calm so let’s get into it :)

Blog update

Since the last update I have published 3 new posts listed below

Broken Bot

Bot Limit

Live chat

I have finished fixing the live chat on my website due to the 5th cluster being down that I was using. You can read more about the issue Here I am now using the 2nd cluster. This cluster does have its moments but at least it works unlike the 5th cluster.

I am planning another blog post which I will publish later this week. This blog post will be about emotes and how you can add them to your server + allow bots to use them

Bot update

This week I haven’t made much changes to my bot except the extra playing status I added to the bots list of games. The bot will now display how many servers the bot is in (On public and beta bot). This week I did have a huge issue with the bot where it was exceeding the storage space that I was allocated. For some reason it was logging everything which made the storage size over 50GB. I have since installed log rotate so this will prevent this happening again.


This week I have had 9 users visit my blog. This may be because I haven’t advertised my blog much this week. I’ll do some advertising after this post gets published and i’ll see how the numbers go :).

Thank you for reading this weekly post. I know its been short I just havnt done anything interesting that I feel that I could share with you all, I hope I will see you again later :)