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Adding emotes to a server + allowing bots to use them

Emotes in discord

So by now, you would have learned that discord has emotes that you can use such as :shrug: : smile : : heart : and many more. But did you know that you can add your own custom emotes to your server? And if you are a nitro user you can use these emotes in servers other than your own. In this post, I will guide you on how to add emotes to your server and how to make bots use these emotes.

Adding emotes

So your first step is to find a emote that works well with discord so what I usually do is when I’m looking for an emote I look for an image that has a transparent background. You can tell if an image has a transparent background by if it has a checkered background. If it does then it is transparent. Download the image then go into discord and open server settings, to add a emote you need the “Manage emotes” permission. So when you are in server settings click Emoji then hit upload emoji. Select the image you would like to add and give it a simple name such as :ben: And hit save.

Making bots use the emote.

So if you are a bot designer and try to add the emote into the bot code by adding :ben: you will notice that when you use the command the bot will say :ben: and won’t post the emote. There is a simple way of fixing this and this is by typing :ben: (Do not send) And then adding \ in front of the entire word so it will look like :ben: And then send. You will get a weird ID such as <:ben:484724356514185216> So what you then need to do is copy the ENTIRE thing including <> and paste that into the code. When you then use the command it will post the emote. You can also add \. To a mention, so it gives you the user ID such \@bencey will result in <@203268468613709824>. Now please note that this will still ping the user so be careful Also, last time I checked the bot can use the emote even if its not in the server the emote is made in

Thanks for reading this post and I’ll see you later :)