Thank you list

Hi, Welcome everyone to another blog post. Before I begin I am still camping but I currently have wifi at this campsite, I don’t know how long this will last or when it will kick me off if I am able to create the weekly post after I publish this before the wifi boots me off I will try to publish the update tonight. In this post, I will list everyone who has helped me become the person I am today. I have mentioned multiple times before how I was thinking of making one of these posts and I have finally decided to make it :). So let’s get started if you are not on this list and you feel you should PM me on discord bencey_#8587 and ill edit this post, but don’t feel upset if you are not on this list I may have just forgotten about adding you :)

Funky penguin: Man, where would I be without you. You have helped me SO much literally I wouldn’t be here without your help there are so many things to thank you for such as Buying my domain, teaching me new things that I never knew before. Getting me in cryptocurrency and so much more. Once again I thank you so much for your time and effort you have dedicated to me Oh and your open wallet ;).

Lili: Thank you, Lili. You help me by moderating my discord server when I am not around such as when I am camping or sleeping. If it wasn’t for you my discord server could have been raided by now and I would have woken up to 1000+ pings in my server. Thank you, Lili.

Jake (Ihackedjake) and Youssef: This message would be similar for both of you so I decided to put you both in the same line. I would like to thank you both for your help towards the development of my bot. You have helped me fix so many bugs and make the issues which I was looking at for hours seem so obvious (When you have only been looking at it for 5min gr). Without you two I would have quit developing my bot by now so thank you both :).

Bruce: Well where do I begin to thank you, Bruce. You have helped me so much, you have given me access to your VPS where I can host my bot 24/7. You became my first ever patreon (My first ever paycheck :P ) without you and realizing how easy it is to make money I probably would have put less effort into my blog and bot development. So thank you so much, Bruce, I wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

Readers: Of course I didn’t forget about you :). Thank you all for reading my blog. I hope you have learned new things while reading my blog and I wouldn’t be able to do it without your support.

Thank you, everyone, for your constant support You don’t understand how much it means to me