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Weekly Update #8

Weekly update 8

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekly update. This week has been a little busy but not too much so let’s get into this week’s updates

Website updates

So recently as some of you have noticed I have been changing the live chat a bit and been seeing what I can do with it so currently, the changes I have made regarding the live chat is I have replaced the default discord icon with my avatar image. I have added the live chat on my resume site which you can find Here on the resume the icon is a different color to the icon on the main blog. I am doing this because I have noticed that my picture is literally everywhere such as my bot, blog post, discord image, live chat. So I’m trying to limit the number of times I use the same image. I have also made a minor adjustment on the navbar so instead of it saying “Patreon (support me)” It just says “Patreon” I did this so the navbar does not look so long as it does not look nice.

I have posted my thank you list. You can read it Here

I have posted on how to upload emotes. You can read it Here.

Bot Updates.

This week I haven’t made many changes but I do have a plan that I have in mind which I haven’t seen on any other discord bots before. If I manage to get this made it will be an awesome addition to my bot. I have made a few minor changes but they do not affect the functionality of the bot just how tidy the code is.

Misc changes

I have changed my email so instead of being [email protected] it is now [email protected] DO NOT email [email protected] as I will not receive the email

I have changed my resume website by adding a project and changing the email from [email protected] to [email protected]

I am currently still camping and will be home in two days.

Thank you for reading and I will see you next later :)