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Discord updates

Recently, I have been thinking of new things to blog about and today I was approached by a member of my server called Aus (Aus is also my new blog editor). He suggested to me that I do a post about new updates that Discord publishes and create a guide for any new features, so here we go. This post will be about a few major things that have happened over the past few months such as Discord Nitro and Hypesquad.


There were an update to the Hypesquad system. If you are unaware of what Hypesquad is, it’s basically a group of Discord users who join together to rep Discord. There are three sections of Hypesquad you can apply for; Online, Event Attendees, and Event Hosters. Before the update, to apply for the online section you had to type up an application and send it into Discord and if they feel you are “hype” enough you will become a Hypesquad member. Though, ever since the new update they have removed the applications and redone the entire Hypesquad system adding “houses”.

There are three houses in Hypesquad; House of Brilliance, House of Bravery and House of Balance. Instead of sending an application which used to take months to get a reply all you need to do now is send in an application.

If you would like to join a Discord house what you need to do is go into Discord (PC/laptop version).

Scroll up to the top and click the Discord icon.

Click Hypesquad and you will then be presented with a quiz with 5 questions in it. Complete the quiz and you will be given a house depending on what your answers were. Though, do note that if you do not like the house you were chosen you can retake the quiz.

There are currently house Discords although these Discords are community run so they are not official Discords or endorsed by Discord, there are a few employees in these discords and the links for each Discord are mentioned below.

House of Brilliance.

House of Bravery.

House of Balance.

You still have to apply if you would like to be an Event Attendee/Hoster. You can apply Here. Please note that you need to be 16+ to apply.

Important Links

Hypesquad FAQ

Hypesquad House Breakdown

Hypesquad Event Tiers.


There has been a big change within the Nitro system including a new “games” library. As well as a library, there is a new tier which is called the Nitro classic.

Nitro classic is the old Nitro which is $5/m this tier gives you access to the discord badge and all the chat perks.

The new tier is called Nitro which is $10/m. This tier gives you access to the Discord badge, all the chat perks and access to download the Nitro exclusive games on the store.

Users who had been subscribed to Nitro before the change has been given an exclusive badge of a Wumpus (Discord’s mascot) called early supporter.

The Discord store currently has 42 curated games estimated at a current value of $700,000.


Recently, there has been a new moderation update which has added the ability to add slow-mode to channels. What slow-mode does is if a channel had slow-mode on for 5 seconds, once a user sends a message, they cannot send another message for 5 seconds. (Do NOTE that users with manage messages are immune to this).

To enable this new feature, you need to go into the channel settings, look for slow-mode and drag the slider to a reasonable time and click save. If you have set this up successfully you will see in the bottom right of the channel saying, “Slow mode is enabled”.

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