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Weekly Update #9

Weekly Update 9

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekly update. This week has been busy so let’s get into this week’s updates without delay :D

Blog updates

I have made two new blog posts since the last update and I currently have one post waiting to be published the two blog posts were about my new Virus Bot Scanner and a new series I will be starting about Discord Updates. I have just hired/gained a new blog editor called Aus. Aus will be proofreading all of my new blog posts before they get published to make sure I have not many any small stupid mistakes. I have also just released the ability for users to become a “Sponsor” of my blog. Each sponsor will get to post an advertising message at the end of each blog post (Excluding update posts and posts less then 1min read), to become a sponsor it costs $5 a post you would be featured in and you can pay via my PayPal [email protected], if you are interested in becoming a sponsor feel free to contact me on discord Bencey_#8587 and we will discuss the details.

Bot updates.

I have recently just made a change in my beta bot which makes it so when the bot comes online it posts a message in my logs channel (Will become public soon) Saying the bot is online on port xxx, also when the bot pings the API it will also send a message to the same channel.

I have recently added a new website which can tell you if the bot is online or if the bot is offline which you can find Here. Also if the bot goes offline I will get emailed automatically so I know its offline. Currently, this feature only works with the beta bot but I will soon be updating it so it works with the public bot.

Discord updates

There haven’t been many changes to the discord this week. But I have been looking for server partners for my discord server so If you would like to partner your server feel free to either PM me on discord or join my server and ping me if I’m online

So that’s it, for now, I hope I will see you next week :)