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Discourse -> Discord intergration

Discourse to Discord integration.

Want to learn how to integrate discourse into your discord server? Well, you are in the right place.

What is Discourse?

Discourse is a free internet forum where the source code is distributed to anyone so users can self-host their own site. The application was founded in 2013 by Robin Ward and Sam Saffron and coded in Ember.js and ruby on rails. Since 2017, there have been over 700 businesses using Discourse.

How do I integrate discourse to my Discord server?

The following is the first step to make sure you have the chat-integration plugin installed. If you are unsure of how to install a plugin you can read the guide below. Here

The plugin repository is

Now, your next step is to go to the chat integration under the section “settings” and click “Enable the discourse-chat-integration plugin” and then scroll down until you find the Discord section. Once you have found this, enable that as well. Your next step is to go to the plugins section and refresh your page.

When you refresh your page, you should see a new button called chat integrations, click that.

Your next step is to go to your Discord server and find a channel that you would like your discourse notifications to go to and create a web-hook for that channel. After doing this… delete any special versions that are in that link eg a valid link should look like “”.

Go back to discourse and click create the new channel, though do note that the channel name does not matter but for the web-hook URL, paste the URL that you got in the previous step and click save. If you would like to make sure the URL is valid, you can click test when it has been saved. When you click test it should post a message in that specific channel.

To get posts to go to Discord you will need to create a rule, so click create the rule and click save changes. The current rule you have set will make it so every time there is a new post or reply made, it will send that change to the Discord channel.

So if you would like to test the plugin, find a random thread and send a reply, shortly afterwards you will get a message in your discord with the changes

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