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Weekly Update #10

Weekly Update 10

Hey everyone, welcome back to another weekly update. This week I have been busy developing my bot so let’s get into this week’s updates without delay :)

Blog updates

This week, I haven’t posted many blog posts, but I do have 5 sponsors waiting to give me a topic on what I should blog about. I have only posted one post about discourse which was sponsored by funkypenguin. You can read the post Here.

Bot Updates

This week has been super busy. I have been adding new content to the beta bot such as per guild settings: This makes it, so you can customise settings in your guild such as what the welcome message is, what the prefix is, and what the welcome channel is. I am also currently coding a shop feature. You will be able to buy roles using points which you get for talking.

Whois command I have just added an acknowledgement section onto whois so if you are a support member, patron, developer or even my blog editor (<3) you will get a special message when you do ^whois.

Alongside the custom settings, I have also added mylevel. This will show you what your permission level is. There is currently 7 permission levels; Owner, Bot Admin, Support team, Server owner, Server admin, Server Moderator and user. These levels determine if you can use a specific command. All these features are still being tested and I am still finding bugs, so I am unsure on when I will release these features to the public bot. Remember if you want to get access to these features early and a chance to get a bug finder acknowledgement and role on my discord and whois, you can get access to the beta bot by going to my Patreon and supporting me which will give you access to my beta bot and other features :).

As I am writing this post, I am currently creating a buy command. This allows you to buy roles for my discord server using points, there is colour roles and hoisted roles.

Discord updates

As I have explained earlier you now need to buy coloured roles, so I have deleted the ability for you to obtain colour roles using Dyno.

So that’s it for this week, thank you for reading and I will see you next week (Ps I am going camping tomorrow, so posts will be delayed)