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Bencey Bot Showcase

Bot Showcase

Want to learn about a bot I have been creating? As many of you know this bot is Bencey Bot. Recently I have been getting asked a-lot of questions about my bot and what it can do so I’ve decided to create a showcase on my bot, so users can read and learn what the bot can do :)

Main features

There are a few main features of my bot such as:

Economy- Point system where you gain points by talking in chat and by gambling with slot machines which is currently a work in progress. You can use these points and purchase items in the shop which is also currently a work in progress. The current items I have in my shop is coloured and hoisted roles colour roles are 200 points each and the hoisted roles start at 1000 points and goes to 5000 points. In the future I will add more items to the shop for users to buy such as a point multiplier. There are also some commands which can help you track who is the most active people in your server by people with the top points.

Music- Currently there is a music feature on my beta bot which is exclusive for patrons, currently you can queue music that is on YouTube and the bot will join the voice chat you are currently in and will start playing the requested song.

Moderation- I have several moderation commands which you can use to keep your server safe, such as ban, kick, mute, unban. These commands are useful because if you have a user who is misbehaving and being a threat to the community you are able to deal with this player by removing them from the server.

Miscellaneous- There are several commands that do not fit in any of the above category’s such as paste-bin which uploads any text you supply to haste-bin and gives you a document which has the text in it. There is a-lot of other commands but if I wanted to list them all it would take all day, although if you do want to see a full list of commands and what they do you can go into my discord or any server with my bot and do ^help. This will PM you a full list of commands and what they do.

Why did I make this bot?

I decided to make this bot because I wanted to learn how to code using discord.js which is a javascript library as this is my first ever coding project and I want to make a difference in the community by making good bots. I first started coding this bot in the end of 2017 but after me struggling with a lack of knowledge, I took a long break until mid 2018 (When I first started my blog) at this time I started coding the bot again this time with the help of a few users, IHackedJake and Youssef. These two have been a huge help and without them updates would be coming out a-lot less frequently. I currently have over 30 commands and are planning new commands almost each and every day although not all of these commands are actually released to the public due to them not functioning just as well as I planned or due to performance issues.

Well that’s it for now, this is just a short post about my bot since some people did not know much about it.

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