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Weekly Update #11

Weekly Update 11

Hey everyone. Welcome back to another weekly update post, this week has been busy so let’s get straight into this post without delay

Blog Updates

This week I have realized that I have not been posting many blog posts recently and I apologize for this, school has been super busy but as I am writing this post it is the last day of school which afterward I will get 12 weeks off school. Hopefully, during my break, I will be releasing much more content then I am currently, this week I have only released one blog post and it was a showcase of my discord bot. You can read the post Here.

Bot Updates

This week I have been quite busy with editing my discord bot plus I am currently working with a client who is wanting a custom discord bot designed for their server which is taking most of my free time. I am still working on the per guild settings which is still only currently on my beta bot. I have also completed the shop and buy system on the beta bot which allows you to buy custom roles on my discord server. I would like to thank IHackedJake on becoming the first Bot Bug Hunter as he found a bug with my buy command. I am unsure on when I will release these features to my public bot yet I just want to spend as much time as possible so I can guarantee that the updates will be bug-free. I thank you all for your patience and I wouldn’t be able to do it without you :)

Thank you all for reading this week weekly update. As I stated in my blog updates this is currently my last day of school for the year so hopefully, I will be able to release much more content then I currently am :). Also I know this post is super short and Im sorry for that I am just unsure of what else I can tell you.