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tatsumaki bot showcase

What is Tatsumaki?

Tatsumaki is a discord bot which focuses on social aspects such as XP + levels and economy. You are able to invite the bot via: Here.

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This bot is one of my favourite bot on Discord and especially the economy system. This system allows you to do multiple things such as giving users “reputation” every day. You can also claim daily coins which you could use to buy badges for your profile or you could save the coins for a rainy day :)

Here is a list of some of the commands this bot has to offer (the prefix is t!)

t!daily- This will allow you to claim your daily credits t!rep- This will allow you to award a reputation Point t!profile- This will show your profile with your amount of reputation and your level t!top Which will show the top people in your current server t!todo (add, remove, clear, list)- This will allow you to edit your to-do list

As you can tell this is just a few of the many commands that you can use with this bot. You can view the full list of commands Here.

I feel this type of bot would be good if you want to run a server that is focused on economy. Such as servers who love having top 10 active people etc. You can also host giveaways and for rewards, you can giveaway credits for this bot.

Fun fact: The top user globally for this bot is rank 196 with a score of 2681957 Now that’s a lot of talking.


There are quite a few of developers that work on this project Below I will list the developers and what they work on.

Dabido- Chicken

Pyraxo- Framework and how the commands work

The Racing Lion- How commands work

Vap0r1ze- How commands work

abalabahaha- System admin, backend & bug creator

Esja- Miscellaneous & Fubuki Creator

thy- Go programming master

mat- Makes things a lot

ode- Fishy v2 is releasing when it’s damn ready

xaanit- tatsumaki API


Here is a few contributors to the project

Falzar- Backend, how commands work

Rei- User dashboard & frontend

Fewshin- How commands work

Here is the about section on their website.

“Tatsumaki is a hobby project on which we spend our free time after work/school. The main focus of the bot is on increasing user chat activity on Discord servers & providing fun & social tools & whatever stuff we find interesting.”

Thank you for reading this short showcase. I hope everyone is having a good day and I will see you all later :)

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