Mattermost and discord chatbridge

Want to link discord and mattermost together? Read this post for more info

This post will teach you how you can make a custom discord bot that can link discord and mattermost together so chat messages goto each service

Please make sure you follow my first post about the bridge Here but do not paste the config files as we will be using different types of configs.

The first type of config is the following

#The mattermost hostname. (do not prefix it with http or https)
#the team name as can be seen in the mattermost webinterface URL
#in lowercase, without spaces
#login/pass of your bot.
#Use a dedicated user for this and not your own!
#Enable this (set to true) to make a http connection
#(instead of https) to your mattermost.
RemoteNickFormat="[{PROTOCOL}] <{NICK}> "

Make sure you replace all the fields so it fits your details, such as the username, password, server and team name.

Now you will need to create the gateway config. This goes underneath the main config and looks something like this


When you replace the channel names for both the gateways they are different. For example for discord the channel name is the name without #. But for matter most the channel name is the name in the site URL not the display name.

Now that’s all the config files setup, as long as you are following the main guide it will be all done, so now try to run the bridge and voila its all done

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